I am a nobody.
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Where: Connichi 2014Cosplay:
Character: Tama from Selector Infected WIXOSS
Cosplayer: KeekihimeTwitter, Deviantart, Youtube, Solo BlogPictuer by me


Where: Connichi 2014


Character: Tama from Selector Infected WIXOSS

Cosplayer: Keekihime
Twitter, Deviantart, Youtube, Solo Blog

Pictuer by me


straight white boy: what are you doing?

me: laying in bed 

straight white boy: anything else? ;) 

me: no 

straight white boy: are you sure? ;)



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Anonymous asked: Get a girlfriend. Your fans won't mind that.

i wouldn’t mind either +w+

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they grow up so fast



they grow up so fast


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rinatenshi asked: Hallo! uvu Seit wann wohnst du wieder in Österreich? 'w'

1 oder 2 Monate ._.

Anonymous asked: You've blossomed into a very beautiful girl.



hellosachie makes a perfect Sailor Mars! Watch the video to learn how she completed her magical girl transformation.

sachie i have 1 word for u


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omg my sachie is so cute and lovely HELP

omg my sachie is so cute and lovely HELP

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Anonymous asked: Arent you wearing any underwear under your cosplay? O-o

yess I am. skin coloured panties

Anonymous asked: "finding someone who wants to date me is not the problem." so what's the problem? Or don't they live near you?

1. trust issues

2. problems with myself like “i am too ugly for a relationship”

3. scared of what my fans will think

4. they don’t really live near to me

5. actually all of it is one sided love (from the other side) so yeah they wanna date me but because of the reasons above and the reason that I just don’t love them back, thats why I don’t date them @-@

Anonymous asked: The most successful business people set up several businesses, some of which failed, but they kept going and tried different things. You need to think about your next big project. Maybe you will set up an art company and be your own boss and hire people to work for you..

…most likely not

but thanks ;b

Anonymous asked: Maybe you can make friends somewhere else, like a shopping centre or college campus

how can i go shopping or to a campus and just start to randomly talk to ppl!? DDD: impossible for me nope nope nope

I’ll socialize at anime cons 5 times a year thats it LOL

Anonymous asked: Wow you've got a job? Did you get paid yet? :DDD

I’ve started this month, no salary yet :b