Anonymous sent: you & yuka should start an independent idol group together lmao /only in my dreams

haha also in my dreams. Not gonna go that far I guess but we will have a collaboration in some way so look forward to it ;3;

Anonymous sent: Why is telepathy going to disband?

one member graduated a few months ago but they were planning to keep performing after they find a new member(s), however after a little break it ended up in all of them thinking its better to disband I guess. My friend Mapo was planning to graduate though, and now the following is just my speculation, but after important members graduate, its difficult to get back to the popularity quality they had before so maybe thats why the staff (management) decided its better to disband at that point. /end of speculation

Anonymous sent: hey keekihime, I feel really bad about myself because I have not accomplished anything like you have. you've accomplished so much. is it ok that I'm 22 and still haven't done anything with my life? literally have done nothing, due to social anxiety mainly o.o

I don’t think I accomplished much tho. I feel like I am at a point where I almost accomplished something really big but its just half-baked..? XD

22 is still really really young considering you will probably live another 40~70 years XD theres much to do and even if you don’t get famous in a country or the whole world it doesn’t mean you haven’t accomplished something. Many people accomplish something amazing but don’t get recognized by a crowd of people, but keep that accomplishment more private, for themselves. So fame=/=success in life, even tho it sometimes seems so.

And just living a normal life is also pretty charming to me ;-; sometimes, I wish I had lived a normal life till now, like, going to school like a normal person and having friends and going to parties and boyfriends and stuff you know.

I think you always crave for something you don’t have.

AND I’m pretty sure you have accomplished atleast something in life you just don’t realize it yourself or think its an accomplishment even tho I would think so c:

she loves me really!


I should have just googled earlier


i can see a meaning in titles like

tales of symphonia, tales of eternia, tales of phantasia, tales of legendia, tales of the abyss, etc

but tales of xillia? What is the meaning behind it anyway @-@

just a thought in my head while playing xillia

Anonymous sent: is your hair damaged or healthy? c: be honest!

pretty healthy atm!

Anonymous sent: how old are you now? o.o;;

18, 19 this summer

Anonymous sent: Do they celebrate Easter at all in Japan? Do they have chocolate eggs?

not really… there are some easter chocolates to find in certain stores but thats about it for what I saw.

Anonymous sent: what would happen it an idol in AKB48 had an abortion?

idk , the question is what would happen if an idol in akb48 got pregnant

check my blog for full body shot~

check my blog for full body shot~

watanabe48 sent: can I be you? :( *selfhate*

only if I can be you then *selfhate aswell*

Anonymous sent: What is it you like so much about "Tales of" games?

stories, character designs, fighting system c:


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i can’t hear the sound at work now but i can kinda imagine LOL <33