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waking up after accidentally taking a 4 hour nap

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livin that back to school life

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i wanted to let everyone listen to my first demo tapes that I took when I was 15, for victor entertainment ;w;
My voice changed so much, I was super shy when singing!!!
It also was my first time recording in a studio aswell so I was super nervous!
But these are precious memories to me c:


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when yall meet me irl


when yall meet me irl

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lukasv90 asked: the company you worked for must suck pretty hard... :/

my boss was super kind. very nice person. always working hard and listening to my opinions and worries. i always trusted my company, and it felt like family to me.

its just sad how it ended, idk what to think about them anymore, i don’t wanna say bad things about them, but there are many things i am angry about since the “incident”.

Anonymous asked: Is therapy covered under Austrian health insurance, or do you have to pay for it yourself? Can you afford it? If you can, I strongly urge you to give it a try, even if you don't want to. Not just for you, but for the sake of your friends and family/loved ones who see you in distress.

depends.sometimes its covered, sometimes not. i could somehow afford it i guess but actually not now. maybe in 2 months i could afford it..

Anonymous asked: ... a good therapist etc quickly. Even though it is psychological, it is still 'personal injury', so there may be lots of 'no win no fee' lawyers who would like to help without charging you anything.


they didn’t even help me with moving back to austria even tho they were the ones who “fired”. After that, no contact, no help, nothing. I was completely on my own with all the fucking stress. There’s no way they’d pay me a therapist now lol…

Anonymous asked: It says on the internet 'Stress can cause a number of very unpleasant psychological illnesses including anxiety, clinical depression and post traumatic stress disorder and damages payable by negligent employers can be substantial with a number of recent awards exceeding £200,000'. Your former employer should have taken better care of you because being an idol then not being one is just the sort of thing that can cause depression. At the very least they should pay for you to have ...


Anonymous asked: Are you eating properly and getting the right nutrition? Unexpected bouts of depression, anxiety or negative feelings often have physiological reasons, such as low blood sugar or certain vitamin deficiencies.

i do eat enough and i get the right nutrition, all of those things have nothing to do with my bodys health (i went to a check up at the doctor a few weeks ago)

Anonymous asked: Vielleicht solltest du dir professionelle hilfe holen wenn du wirklich so probleme hast.

hatte ich vor aber jetzt will ich doch nicht mehr.